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About the studio

WITHLAU Studio was founded with the sole purpose of helping passionate business owners like you elevate their brand experience and immerse their clients into their unique world.

The philosophy


WITHLAU Studio is designed to capture the essence of your business.
Because it's never a "one-size fits all", I adjust our design style to your personality, to help you connect with your audience through an emotive brand that stands out.


We take pride in our work that is based on character - on perfect imperfection. We search for the right balance between strategy and creativity, to magnetize your dream clients with a cohesive experience.


In the studio, my days are wild reflections of the dynamism my clients bring. I never know what colors we'll be mixing in our palette. But one thing I know for sure, I'm here to bring a touch of modern elegance to your brand in a way that feels right to you.


I am and always have been passionate about aesthetic and sensory experiences. Photography, art, interior design, architecture, fashion, but also culinary experiences and fragrances are the things that truly light me up. I also always have been fascinated by story telling, especially when it goes beyond words.

These passions are the reason why I studied Luxury Marketing in Paris and started my career in Brand & Product Development, working for global luxury brands such as Chloé, Bottega Veneta Parfum (Coty), or Carven.

After graduating from a MSc in Business Administration in the Netherlands, I joined the innovation team of Rituals Cosmetics, where I was responsible for the Eaux de Parfum collections (from concept and fragrance development, to packaging design, store design coordination, and much more).

In 2021, I decided to follow my passion for branding and design and started my own branding studio, aiming to use my skillset to help smaller businesses elevate their brands.

Your new virtual creative director

I have always been obsessed with anything that is aestheticALLY PLEASING.
If I’m not browsing Pinterest or creating moodboards, you’ll most likely find me:

at a modern art museum

on one of Rotterdam’s rooftops, looking at the light reflecting on buildings

bingeing Architectural Digest videos

travelling to new places and taking photos
of the smallest details

watching replays of Jacquemus fashion shows

trying out a new restaurant and staring at the beauty of the tableware … and eating.

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